10 Questions For Assessing Your Organization Readiness
1. Strategic alignment. Why is your organization focused on sustainability? *

Please limit to three selections.

2. Organization commitment. How important is sustainability to your organization? *

3. Gaps. What gaps exist in your sustainability plan? Select all that apply.

4. Reporting. List your annual reporting requirements. Check all that apply. *

5. Staffing. How much staff time does reporting require? *

Common activities are collecting data, resolving discrepancies, fixing errors, unit conversion, updating emissions factors, prorating activity, identifying outliers, supporting auditors, creating graphs and charts.

6. Sustainable Supply Chain. How many queries do you receive each year? *

Requests may range from single environmental data points like total emissions or water used to scorecard completion, to social or governance data points.

7. Investors. Do investors, either individual or institutional, request ESG data? *

8. Employee Attraction and Retention. Is sustainability becoming part of your company’s employee recruiting strategy? *

For example, employees now want more from their employer than a paycheck.
9. Resource Cost. Annual expenses, if known. Approximations fine. All responses confidential.

Electricity: *

Water & Sewer: *

Heating Fuel: *

Solid Waste Disposal: *

Vehicle Fleet Fuel: *

10. Resource reduction initiatives. Do you have 3 or more major initiatives to drive efficient, innovative resource use? *

Examples include energy efficiency, water management, renewable energy, carbon offset purchases, or other sustainable supply chain improvement.
Please tell us your name. *

Share your phone number. *

Please submit the best number to reach you so we can review your results to start a meaningful conversation tailored to your sustainability program. All responses are confidential.
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